We develop biostatistical methods and bioinformatics tools for analyzing medical data, specifically, genomic, proteomic, multistate survival (time to event) and dental data. We are also collaborating with the Conn Center to develop informatics tools for investigating the so called material's genome. We are located in the Department of Bioinformatics and Biostatistics at the School of Public Health and Information Sciences of the University of Louisville.





  Susmita Datta, PhD                Somnath Datta, PhD



Current Students



Yubing Wan, PhD Candidate                    Joe Bible, PhD Candidate





Sandipan Dutta,  PhD 2nd year,        Hyoyoung Choo-Wosoba

                                   PhD 2nd year





Younathan Abdia,  PhD 2nd year          Sinjini Sikdar,  PhD 1st year





                           Yu Ting Chen,  On Leave




Past Students


Farida Mostajabi, PhD  Nicole Ferguson, PhD  Vasyl Pihur, PhD 


Mourad Atlas, PhD    Jie Fan, PhD  Ling Lan, PhD


Juliet Ndukum, PhD    Sutithra Chakraborty, PhD 


Jasmit Shah, M.S.



Selected Publications

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